Authorization by postal service

Please make sure, that authorized person has:


ID card with electronic chip and his/her personal security code BOK


Proof of residency certificate with electronic chip and personal security code BOK

You can authorize this person by following steps:


1. Please download a request for authorization by clicking this link.


Fill in all necessary information.

Please checkmark all competences, you want to delegate on authorized individual. If you checkmark also option Delegate third party, please be informed that authorized individual can empower third party to have an access to electronic mailbox.


Print the form.


Deliver the form to any Notary Office, where it must be certified by a Notary.


Authorization with certified signature has to be submitted/mailed to the following address:

Úrad vlády SR
P. O. BOX 11
Námestie slobody 1
810 05 Bratislava 15

The Government Office of the Slovak Republic will process your request within 10 days.

If case your signature authentication (by a notary) is in foreign country, the subsequent super-legalisation or apostille is required, too.